The following are descriptions of the Monthly Subscription Plans for New Visions Radio.

Plan 1 is for those broadcasters that will broadcast their shows either live or pre recorded themselves through our Mixlr app. No music that is not owned by the broadcaster can be played on their broadcast. If through auditing New Vision Radio finds that a broadcaster is in violation the broadcasters show will be removed from the line up and their account cancelled. No refund for advance payment will be given. This plan will also include any Podcasters that wish to have their shows only archived at New Visions Radio with no broadcasting schedule.

Plan 2 is for those Talk Shows that prerecord their shows and would like New Visions Radio to broadcast their shows for them at their specified scheduled day and time each week.

Plan 3 is for record labels who want to promote their artists in hourly blocks, payable per broadcast hour.

Monthly Subscription plans for broadcasters.

Payment Options